About the Expo

Date: April 18th -20th


Place: City of Quanzhou, China

Objective: Connect European innovative companies with China market


         China International Chamber of Commerce

         China International Trade Promotion Council

         Quanzhou Municipal Government

         Supported by Global Green Development Capital (GGDC)

Significance of the Expo


Quanzhou is the Chinese Gateway City for “One Belt One Road” National Strategy, the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road.  

Quanzhou is Top 17 with GDP among the top 100
Chinese cities and counties. It’s Fujian’s largest
metropolitan region, with a population of over 8 million,
with No.2 e-commerce transaction volume in China. 

Quanzhou is an ancient port city with a two thousand years’ history, the 2nd largest port city in the world in Tang Dynasty, with long history of international merchants commerce.

Participation in the Expo would invoke support from “Maritime Silk Road Innovation Fund“ (¥1B/$150M), for European innovative companies’entry and expansion in China market.

In September, BRICK Summit will be held in the nearby city Xiamen. 

Target Exhibitors/We Want You!

European innovative enterprises from Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Denmark, etc.

Industry Focus: smart manufacturing, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, healthcare, new textile material, marine deep sea processing,  advanced food processing(sugar-free food, dessert, beverage), etc.

We will select only 25 exhibitors among all the applicants! 

Selection Criteria: 

  • Later stage companies with existing or about to enter China market for manufacturing, distribution, licensing, and services
  • Startups with A-round financing 

Benefits of Participating the Expo

1. Financing for the qualified companies

 Exhibitors have access to the financing of“Maritime Silk Road Innovation Fund”. The fund is setting up the marketing and sales platform for European products in China to help exhibitors develop China market.

We’ll invest exhibitors in manufacturing, distribution and services, even late stage R&D.

2. Local partnerships

      We will use a professional company database for company matching, to connect exhibitors with local Chinese partners.

3. Sales marketing platform  

     Quanzhou’s e-commerce transaction volume ranks No.2 in China, other than Alibaba in Hangzhou. 

4. Intellectual Property Protection

Local government will hold a cooperation forum during the Expo, in which most concerned issues by European enterprises will be addressed by local government, such as intellectual property protection, local government support for entry to the local market, national marketing platform for international products, etc. 

5. Technical support from Microsoft

Microsoft (China) innovation incubator and the accelerator will provide technical guidance for enterprises to enter and expand in china market.  Microsoft incubators in China have won “the Best Incubator” among more than 2,000 incubators in China for four successive years. They will offer strong support for innovative enterprises to grow in China.

Additional Benefits for Selected Exhibitors

GGDC leads Expo Exhibitors Review Committee to select qualified exhibitors.

We offer the following additional benefits FREE for selected exhibitors: 

  1. Exhibition booth (including decoration) with 18 sq. meter
  2. International round-trip coach flight tickets to Quanzhou for one executive 
  3. Local accommodation for two people during the Expo
  4. Official invitation letters from the Expo Organizing Committee

When and How to Apply?

  • Submission Deadline: March 15th, March 20
  • 1st Round Selection: March 15 - 20; Announcement Date: March 20 
  • 2nd Round Selection: March 22 - 25; Announcement Date: March 25 
  • If you are qualified, don’t hesitate to contact Megan megan@ggdcchina.com
    with an email title in the format of “418 Expo + your company name” , including: 
  • We look forward to seeing you in Quanzhou, China!