China’s Green & Smart Opportunity

By CC Huang 


What makes a great city? The breadth and diversity of the C40 network might suggest that the unique circumstance of each city’s development makes it difficult to generalize. And yet years of urban planning experience have allowed experts to extract some basic principles on what a great city entails. Great cities have great parks. Great cities have fantastic public transit systems. Great cities are built for people, not cars. Great cities are sustainable.

In the next 15 to 20 years, some 300 million people in China will move to cities, roughly the population of the United States. This gives China an incredible opportunity to build dynamic, livable cities that will benefit generations to come. Ahead of the COP21 meeting in Paris, China’s publically declared commitments on how it would reduce emissions in the coming decades had a substantial focus on urbanization, stating that China will “embark on a new pattern of urbanization.”