‘Green guidelines’ offer roadmap for China’s urbanization

By David Hatch 


There are roughly 200 “eco-city” projects underway in China, yet there have never been uniform standards to guide such projects. Wade Shepard writes for Forbes that a set of new urban design protocols provides a much-needed roadmap for the nation’s urbanization.

The new “Green and Smart Urban Development Guidelines” feature 18 principles that apply to every city in China. There are recommendations for curbing sprawl, spurring transit-oriented development, creating mixed-use neighborhoods and increasing public space.

The guidelines are the product of a partnership between China Development Bank Capital, the San Francisco-based consultancy Energy Innovation and the grant-making charity Energy Foundation China.

The new standards could have a significant impact because buildings could represent up to 40 percent of the nation’s energy use by 2030, the article notes. “They are something that China can actually use,” writes Shepard, author of Ghost Cities of China.