Healthcare is the bottleneck for China's urban growth. Challenges in healthcare come from a whole range of unique contemporary issues. According to the World Bank, China's population is the fastest-aging in human history. In 2014, 15.5% (220 million) of China's population is above 60 years old and 9% is above 65 years old. By 2050, the proportion of individuals above 60 years old is expected to reach 33% (480 million)  The demand for elderly care is very new and rapidly increasing; the workforce in elderly care is not well developed and lack qualifications for special care in conditions like dementia and urinary incontinence. Healthcare in China suffers from an inefficient referral system, which leads to overcrowding in big hospitals and underutilization in small hospitals. Another key problem is the rise of chronic disease, with cardiovascular disease project to increase steeply. In Shijiazhuang alone, almost 30% are reported to have hypertension. Rate of COPD is high among the elderly at 8% and almost 60% are reported to have pre-diabetes or diabetes. In Shijiazhuang, the portion of the population with diagnosed diabetes is 11.4%. 

 Zhengding New Area Development

Zhengding is a New Urbanization project in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei province. The development covers 135 square kilometers with an initial population of 170,000. After the development project, Zhengding district will expect a population of 1.4 million.  While Zhengding is prime opportunity to apply our Green Guidelines and Smart Guidelines to Chinese urban development, Zhengding is also going to be "China Healthcare City," equipped with the country's best medical resources. Zhengding is planned as the pilot area for a new model of healthcare based upon the Swedish primary care system. The city's new healthcare system will set a new benchmark and will be duplicated all over China. In the development of Zhengding's healthcare system, we have formed partnerships with Swecare and ACCESS Health International Sweden with help from the Sweden-China Greentech Alliance.